Smart Dairy Farming

The Dutch Smart Dairy Farming consortium has found ways to increase cow productivity while simultaneously enhancing animal welfare.

Under the umbrella of Smart Dairy Farming, several commercial firms, knowledge institutions and dairy farmers joined forces to develop innovative information and communication tools in the fields of animal health, fertility and food. Their common challenge was to increase cow productivity while also enhancing animal welfare. Partners include Agrifirm, CRV, Royal Friesland Campina, Lely, Rovecome, Livestock Research, TNO, Accon&AVM, Dairy Campus, S&S Systems, the University of Utrecht, Van Hall Larenstein, Gallagher and Sentron.

Drawing on the knowledge, experience and perspectives of all these partners, Smart Dairy Farming has already yielded tools such as a standard for the information exchange between different actors in the milk chain. More specifically, they have come up with an information exchange standard between milking equipment on the farm and the milk recording organizations. In addition, together with TNO, Smart Dairy Farming has created hands-on knowledge on how to use IT architecture to stimulate transparency throughout the chain. Currently they are developing business models for these and other innovations, successfully taking them to the market.

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