Reality check

The existing partners’ networks and word-of-mouth got outsiders interested in the PRoF project, which started to expand rapidly. The project attracted both industries oriented toward economic profit and social profit. 

The initial partners had thought up a 90/10 rule. This meant that only 10% of the partners could come from industries oriented toward economic profit. The other 90% had to be social profit-minded. Jan Van Hecke carefully and proactively selected the 10%. Besides getting contacted by one of the existing partners, interested parties could also react to PRoF calls for new partners. When deciding who would join the team, key criteria were complementarity, trust, openness, commitment and understanding. Jan also showed great respect to his initial partners, only allowing non-competitor companies to participate. He closely monitored this aspect of competition. As a final prerequisite, the contact person of new partners had to be passionate about innovation and open to others.

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