Use this phase to generate a list of shared ideas. These will help you accomplish the vision and mission. It is therefore key to create a safe learning environment and to stimulate communication between partners. Relying on external guidance can be a big help in avoiding the 'not invented here syndrome'. In addition, you should observe how partners from different industries interact. Talk and think along with them to see where you can introduce improvements for subsequent cross-pollinating sessions.

  • A selection of key partner stakeholders who support the shared vision and mission
  • These key partners are willing to work on (part of) the value proposition or value stream
  • A list and an eventual selection of shared ideas for business model elements


  1. Create a safe learning environment to stimulate and sustain openness and creativity. 
  2. Start an open dialogue with your key stakeholder partners. Get everyone in the right mindset and generate a list of shared business model elements that may help accomplish the shared vision/mission.
  3. Make a list of shared ideas for possible business model elements, together with your key stakeholder partners. Discuss both the value generating and value destroying potential of particular elements. Bring them to the surface and take them into account.
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