The individual commitment of each partner can make or break your success story. Next to a clear focus and a strong partnership, you need people with energy and enthusiasm. Recharge your partners' energy levels through incentives and interact frequently to keep the momentum going.

Can you still muster up enough energy to keep going? Answer these five questions and get some tips to boost your energy level.

Do you provide sufficient incentives?

You need to incentivize to energize. Your incentive structure has to stimulate the right triggers. Quick wins are among the strongest triggers for the group, providing instant proof of success. This, in turn, induces feelings of ownership as well as commitment.

Do you reward new competencies or knowledge?

Learning new competencies or acquiring knowledge are great incentives for team members to work on the cross-industry innovation project. Actively use these as energizers for the team.

Do you choose the right incentives?

Your incentive and accountability system should be outcome-oriented. Choose triggers that can be measured and that contribute to group cohesion. You'll have a hard time forecasting profit from radical innovations at an early stage. Use non-economic triggers instead.

Did you set up a communication structure?

Energizing also means communicating. It is crucial set up a proper communication structure. The innovators within the partner organizations should be able to connect and to exchange tacit knowledge. Generate success through an ongoing practice of regular meetings among major subgroups of key stakeholders.

Can you communicate informally with your partners?

Though often neglected, informal communication is as important as formal communication. From time to time, try and use channels that are outside the focal project for meetings and conversations between stakeholders of the project. Developing such informal communication networks will definitely increase the energy of the team and keep the momentum going.