Reality check

In the end, the collaboration contained 70 partners. Their first concrete output was a prototype of the patient room of the future.

The idea was that clients could either buy the entire room (and enjoy the synergy between various product and service elements) or they could cherry pick only those things they found most interesting. The latter option gave hospitals and other care facilities the chance to test some of the products before buying the room as a whole. It also enabled organizations on a budget to still get a taste of a few innovative products.

At the moment, the team is hard at work on its fifth innovative project in the care industry. Let's take a look at the previous projects. PRoF 1.0: the patient room of the future; PRoF 2.0: the care living room for seniors; PRoF 3.0: the personalized retirement home; PRoF 4.0: the patient recovery room; and finally PRoF 5.0... which is still a big secret. This last project is protected by NDAs, but more than 300 partners are currently involved in it. Each of the projects opened up new insights and new networking possibilities. Thanks to this, the partners could develop or expand their initial business model, taking it towards uncharted directions in the healthcare market.

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