As a final step in this phase, create possible innovation(s) to accomplish the shared vision and mission of your cross-industry partnership. Every partner evaluates these innovation(s) individually and/or with the people he represents. When an innovation is endorsed by all partners, you can launch it in the market.

  • A selection of shared ideas on the business model
  • Defendable business model(s), supported by the cross-industry ecosystem, to accomplish the vision and mission
  • Innovations ready to be launched in the market


  1. Generate possible business models to help accomplish the shared vision and mission of the cross-industry partnership.
  2. Every partner evaluates these ideas for a possible business model, individually and/or with the people he represents. Only when a business model is endorsed by all partners, you can take it further.
  3. Protection follows from uniqueness, complementarity and shared character. So while you can protect parts of your business model, it is close to impossible to protect a business model as a whole.
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