In this final step, unite all collaborators to formulate a shared vision and mission as well as a list of common goals. Use the mission statement to explain why your cross-industry collaboration exists in the first place. List the changes you want to achieve together in the vision statement. Lastly, make sure to include short-term goals. Such quick wins will get all parties energized and motivated to dive headfirst into the project.

  • A selection of common goals
  • A shared vision and mission, protected and endorsed by a group of cross-industry partners
  • Short-term goals to boost the partners' energy levels


  1. Build a shared vision and mission that forms the foundation for your cross-industry innovation project.
  2. Evaluate this shared vision and mission. Each potential partner does this individually as well as in consultation with the people it represents. By endorsing the shared vision and mission, a potential partner becomes a sustainable partner.
  3. Confirm the partnership agreement. Set short-term goals and identify quick wins among sustainable cross-industry partners.
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