Create a safe sharing environment to start an open dialogue between your potential partners. Next, generate a list of shared goals based on the broadly defined challenge. Select key goals together with your potential partners, taking into account cross-industry commonalities and complementarities. Bring conflicting agendas to the surface. Only when these are made explicit, you can discuss and eliminate them.

  • A group of partners, well-balanced across the industries, who work independently on the challenge
  • A selection of potential partners who are open to sharing as well as thinking creatively and holistically
  • A list of shared goals
  • A selection of shared goals


  1. Create a safe learning environment to stimulate openness and creativity.
  2. Keep an open dialogue with your potential partners. Get everyone in the right mindset and generate a list of possible common goals based on the broadly defined challenge.
  3. Select key goals in consultation with your potential partners, looking at cross-industry commonalities and complementarities. Make sure conflicting agendas are discussed and made explicit.
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