Here you will find an inspiration and an innovation workout. These workouts help you focus on a concrete end result throughout the inspiration or the innovation phase; from challenging, over connecting and cross-pollinating, to creating.

Inspiration workout

Cross-industry innovation starts with the inspiration phase. This workout will guide you through the four steps of that phase: challenging, connecting, cross-pollinating and creating. In reality, these steps often overlap. In any case, it is crucial to formulate a concrete challenge before you and your partners enter the innovation phase. You won't make it without a shared vision and mission.

Download the schedule for your inspiration workout.

Innovation workout

The shared vision and mission that resulted from the inspiration phase should lead to a specific innovation in phase two. Our innovation workout helps you carry this out successfully. First of all, and in line with the shared vision and mission, it is crucial to keep a sharp focus on the challenge. The innovation phases sometimes also requires new partners. The end result of the innovation workout is a fully developed business model canvas with a fully developed innovation. In other words, you will end up with a business case that is ready for commercialization.

Download the schedule for your innovation workout.