As an innovator, use this phase to find your ideal environment. Identify and detect opportunities. Rely on your own experience, knowledge, mindset, capabilities and resources. Single out the most desirable opportunity and turn it into a broad challenge that inspires other industries and captures their attention. In other words: use this inspiring challenge as a communication tool to persuade them. Make them want to take up the gauntlet and get them excited about a collaboration.

  • Your own experience
  • Your own mindset
  • Your own environment
  • Strategic opportunities
  • A challenge you can communicate


  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the industry. Only then can you assess the feasibility of a challenge. Build on strengths (e.g. local technology clusters or deeply ingrained cultural values). Use weaknesses to create a sense of urgency (e.g. declining industry).
  2. Find important trends and link them to strengths and constraints. This allows you to identify strategic opportunities across the industries.
  3. Define a cross-industry challenge. Motivate potential partners across the industries. Convince them to take the leap and tackle the challenge together.
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