Tips & tricks

  • Perform a STEEPLE analysis on your business model. This will help you develop the thorough understanding you need to find a feasible challenge.
  • Know what you want: get the right focus and stack up on energy before starting your cross-industry challenge. For example, hunt for inspirational events on cross-industry innovation or read Ramon Vullings and Marc Heleven's book Not Invented Here.


  • STEEPLE analysis of your BMC 
    Map your organization's external factors with the help of the STEEPLE model. STEEPLE stands for Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental, Political, Legal and Ethical. BMC: the Business Model Canvas is an abstract representation of how your organization creates and captures value.
  • Innovation Diagnostic Canvas 
    Get an overview of your organization's innovation challenges. The Innovation Diagnostics Canvas walks you through 7 simple steps and then tells you everything you need to know. 
  • Trend watching 
    No innovation without trend watching. Find new business opportunities by keeping an eye on e.g. Future Scan by Board of Innovation or these 30 top trend watching websites.
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