Search for possible partners across the industries by relying on concrete selection criteria. Look for partners who offer complementary or necessary assets. Pay close attention to those who seem interested in, and would benefit from, tackling the challenge.

  • A challenge you can communicate
  • Your own network
  • A long list of possible enthusiasts across different industries
  • A selection of potential partners who work on the challenge as an autonomous group
  • A group of people who can think creatively and holistically
  • A group that is (ideally) well-balanced across the industries


  1. Search for enthusiasts across the industries. Keep an eye out for those people and organizations who are complementary to your business. These can be a huge asset for the task you've set yourself.
  2. Use selection criteria to find the right partners for your challenge. Strike a good balance between valuable input, power, open-mindedness and interest.
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