Tips & tricks

  1. Go to events on cross-industry innovation. You are bound to meet people there who share your interest in this topic.
  2. Be sure to come prepared. Before going to such an event, you need to get your questions straight: what do you want to know, who do you want to talk to, why do you want to talk to him/her? This method will help you network more efficiently. Example: you work in textiles and your challenge is to create a new wearable. Then you may want to have a chat with person X who is active in the sports industry to see what you can come up with together.


  • YourOwnLab
    Connect to new people from various industries who feel the same way about cross-industry innovation with the help of YourOwnLab. In other words: this tool can guide you to interesting partnerships.
  • Social media search
    Facebook: rely on the ‘snowball effect’ to find new people. This means getting referred to new contacts by people you already know.
    Twitter: follow people who are working on innovation to receive Tweets relating to your interests and activities. Before you know it, you'll have built an entire network.
    LinkedIn Advanced: when you need specific profiles, you can use LinkedIn Advanced to reach the right persons or organizations.
  • Selection criteria
    When putting your cross-industry team together, you should keep the following criteria in mind:
    • Valuable (complementary) input
    • Interest
    • Open-mindedness
    • Power
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